Two Faithful Crowds Come Together

Two Faithful Crowds Come Together
by Inquirer Entertainment Staff
January 30, 2008

One gig that should have a repeat, then another afterwards and yet another, is "Classically Retro," mounted on Jan. 19 at the Captain's Bar of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and featuring Bo Cerrudo and Spirit of '67.

Consider the coming together of two faithful crowds, one for each of the two acts that have flourished separately.

Followers of Spirit of '67 turn up at every show, wherever, and they're hard to miss. They get up and dance at the slightest provocation -- solo, in pairs, or as the whole club brought to its feet by rhythms of the '60s through the '90s. It's infectious.

The Bo Cerrudo circle is no less devoted. Bo should get a medal for valor, having fearlessly stuck to a repertoire of love songs, a few of them in foreign languages even. The determination has paid off; he has definitely claimed a richly deserved niche in the lounge act landscape.

You'd think one's fans would alienate the other's. Wrong. Spirit of '67 enthusiasts seemed very much taken with the romantic suite offered by Bo, who took centerstage first. And Bo's own "private army" stayed after his half of the program, to join some, uh, spirited line-dancing.

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